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In October 2009 I began experimenting with WordPress. When I write a new post here, it automatically gets beamed to my Twitter account and out to both my followers. Next, my Facebook profile is set to automatically repost all my Tweets. So, one blog post on WordPress, automatically fed to Twitter, then Twitter feeds Facebook.

So I can be sitting in traffic or on a boat and send a text message to Twitter from my cell phone. Then it shows up here and on Facebook. To complete the circle, I also rigged this blog to suck in Tweets from my Twitter account and display them here where it says TWEETS FROM STILTSVILLE———>

This is some mad social media engineering going on… Not bad for an old guy, right? If I figure out any other stupid computer tricks, I’ll let you know.

UPDATE: To answer your question, yes, the installation was designed as “green” from the ground up. It’s totally paperless and I only used one flux capacitor! And of course, no animals were hurt in this production.

Hey mom, did you notice I’m still kinda obsessed with sharks after all these years? Weird, huh.

Tweets sent from Stiltsville house via SMS 10/2009

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