Posted by: stiltsville | June 22, 2013

She walks a mile in his gun belt

Deutsch: Glock 19

Deutsch: Glock 19 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ms. Magazine writer, with no firearms experience or training, buys a Glock and starts carrying it. She is documenting her Month with a Gun on the Ms. Blog. The comments on the Week One report are very interesting… Those same staunch 2nd Amendment absolutists–who see a gun confiscation regime behind any regulation–are shocked and horrified she did not get training before buying a firearm…

The Second Amendment doesn’t say anything about training or experience. And that’s the problem. Gun rights activists seem to believe anyone who would buy a gun is as knowledgable, responsible, sane, level-headed and safe as they are. In the real world, that’s not the case. So if you believe training should be required, we’re going to need some regulation. If you think crazy, irresponsible or even blind people should not have a blanket right to firearms, we’re going to need some regulation.


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