Posted by: stiltsville | December 19, 2012

Public school violence deterrent safety program

So the NRA has offered to make some “meaningful contributions” to the national discussion on gun violence and control. Well it’s about time, I think we as a nation must take the NRA up on their selfless, generous offer. After all, it’s for the good of the children…


The NRA has 4-million gun-owning members in every state in the union. I’m certain they are all well-trained, sober and level-headed at all times. These folks know and practice the Ten Commandments of Firearm Safety so we can trust ’em to be careful. Their weapons are properly registered, none purchased through the “gun show loophole.” Plus, the NRA has email lists and phone trees, an internet radio station and a mailing list that can’t be beat. The NRA can instantly mobilize their members.

The NRA has the manpower, expertise and infrastructure to lead the nation’s push to make our schools safe. So here’s the plan:

NRA members should volunteer to sit, armed, outside every school in America, every day. All we need is one NRA member packing heat at each school, every day from bell to bell, and that should be a deterrent. After all, they know how to aim for the center of mass, and keep a tight shot group.

It’s easy. Here in Miami-Dade County, for example, you can sign-up to be a school volunteer in a jiffy. The fingerprinting and background check takes a while though… But come on, if PTA moms can do it, so can the NRA.

Teachers and school administrators don’t want to carry guns, they went into education, not law enforcement. By keeping the NRA member outside the school walls, we reduce the chance that a handgun could fall into the hands of a child. By having an NRA volunteer on the edge of school property, we don’t need to put expensive police in each school, so it’s a money-saver too!

The bushmaster and bullets used in Newtown generated profits for Wall Street’s Cerberus Capital Management. Some of those Cerberus weapons profits most likely found their way to the NRA in dues or fees. I think it only fitting that those who profit should now come forward and offer their services to the community. Thank you NRA, this is truly a shining example of “compassionate conservativism.”

We need a plan and I think this is a good start. What do you think?



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