Posted by: stiltsville | October 17, 2012

Help-Wanted ads: good news or bad?

Florida’s Department of Economic Opportunity has distributed a press release containing:

The number of available online job openings in Florida increased sharply in September 2012 compared to the previous September by 35,277 (+15.1 percent), for a total of 268,575 openings (seasonally adjusted). Additionally, the number of September 2012 job postings was an increase of more than 4,300 over August 2012.

“This increase shows that more employers are seeing positive improvements in their business, are eager to expand, and need the skilled and talented workforce that Florida can provide them,” said Governor Rick Scott.

More help-wanted ads means more unfilled jobs. I have a little bit of advice for the “job creators” running these ads: Raise starting salaries… Higher wages tend to attract that “skilled and talented” workforce you so desire. Higher wages reduce turnover. Higher wages allow your employees to focus on the job you want them to do, not scrabble around looking for a second job.

Remember, the point is not an increase in help-wanted ads, the goal is reduced unemployment.

HWOL openings September 2012 table


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