Posted by: stiltsville | July 22, 2012

Rick Scott’s voter purge is a waste of time & money

State seal of Florida

State seal of Florida (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Shrinkage” is the loss business faces from theft and spoilage. It’s a fact of life that all Florida business owners face. The University of Florida’s National Retail Security Survey puts the nationwide shrink rate at about 1.5%.

A smart business owner recognizes that managing shrinkage is more profitable than dumping endless resources into attempting to eliminate it entirely. An experienced business owner recognizes that completely eliminating shrink would turn his store into a militarized zone. And nobody likes to shop in that kind of environment and profits will suffer. Keeping shrink below 2% is considered efficient and acceptable to most businesses. Our friends in business know, the best way to combat shrink is to put resources into selling more and generating greater profits.

Now apply this business theory to running Florida government. It’s easy to demand that voting rolls be perfect. But is it really worth it to have our Governor running around the state talking about 100, or even 200, voters? Is it really worth the time, negative national publicity and taxpayer expense of all these lawsuits to remove a few hundred voters from the statewide rolls? Nobody even knows how much this voter purge is going to cost the taxpayers. Like the business that sells more to combat shrink, the best way to dilute the 100 or 200 illegal voters is to simply get more legal, active voters on the roles. That’s the Law of Large Numbers, another basic fact of life.

Florida will be facing this same issue on immigration. Try as you may, there will always be a few hundred, or even a few thousand, illegal immigrants in Florida. Remember, there are new immigrants trying to reach our shores every day. What level of taxpayer funds do we think is reasonable to spend hunting down, removing and keeping out, forever, all illegal immigrants? And what about the inevitable lawsuits?

A good business manager recognizes a problem, prepares a plan to address it, then presents that plan to his Board of Directors for modification and approval. We the residents of Florida are the Board of Directors. Governor Scott owes it to us to present a plan for review before he sets out on an all-expenses-paid safari to hunt down unicorns and black swans.

Governor Scott was not given a blank check on the day he was sworn in. Just the opposite. He was elected to “run Florida like a business.” That means maximizing benefits vs. costs, not tilting at windmills.


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