Posted by: stiltsville | April 30, 2012

Is Zimmerman attorney using social media to influence jury selection?

This is Swampyank's copy of "The Jury&quo...

George Zimmerman’s attorney has started a website, facebook page and Twitter account. Speaking to MSNBC, attorney Mark O’Mara said:

“we feel part of our responsibility to our client is to provide a voice for Mr. Zimmerman, but only when it is appropriate to do so.”

My guess is Mr. O’Mara wants an older, whiter jury. In jury selection, he will be able to ask if potential jurors read anything about the Trayvon Martin case, saw anything on TV, and now, he can ask if they visited the facebook page or web site, or tweeted about the case. And he can kick out potential jurors that did.

Guess what? Twitter is exceptionally popular among African-Americans. And facebook is exceptionally popular among younger folks. If O’Mara wanted to poison the pool of potential young, African-American jurors, he could not have picked a better way to do it.


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