Posted by: stiltsville | April 28, 2012

Gov. Rick Scott should not ban concealed weapons at the RNC

The Tampa City Council wants Gov. Rick Scott to temporarily ban concealed weapons for the Republican National Convention. Is the City Council worried about masses of armed-and-dangerous women’s rights protesters? Or is the Tampa City Council worried about armed delegates “Standing Their Ground?”

I don’t understand why this is necessary, the NRA tells us, over and over again, that concealed weapon permit holders are law-abiding citizens and criminals will just ignore gun bans… This is from a recent Tampa Bay Times report:

Rep. Dennis Baxley, the Ocala Republican famous as the House sponsor of the 2005 “stand your ground” law, vigorously supports concealed weapons and says the overwhelming majority of permit holders are careful, law-abiding citizens.

In a free society, people should have the right to arm themselves, Baxley says.

“These permit holders don’t shoot people,” Baxley says.

I’m very interested in learning what NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer has to say about this issue.


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