Posted by: stiltsville | April 10, 2012

LinkedIn infested with trolls?

I am a member of the Network with Gators group on LinkedIn. So, once a week I receive an email digest of the activity in the group. Apparently, Jeremiah Jet Woodland and Mansfield E. Easton are also members of this group. The only difference is, I’m real and they are not.

Today I came across an anti-Obama screed posted by Easton in the Gators Group. It stood out because it was so out of place. So I took a few minutes and tried to look up Easton…

Easton’s profile claims he works at “Winfield Savannah Communications” with offices in Washington DC and Tampa. Florida corporate records have no trace of Mansfield or Winfield Savannah Communications. Jeremiah’s profile says he works at “Savannah Communications” in Charleston SC. According to the SC Secretary of State, there is no Savannah Communications registered.

Easton claims to have graduated from Van Buren University. There is no Van Buren University that I can find. Finally, both Easton and Woodland have similar, non-human profile pictures.

Fellow Gators, beware of the trolls.


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