Posted by: stiltsville | April 9, 2012

Florida panther takes out speeding biker

A U.S. highway shield as used in Florida prior...

WSVN reporting about bike/panther collision out west on Tamiami Trail. TV reporter displays zero knowledge of wildlife, motorcycles or follow-up questions. So what happened to the panther?

My guess is, the panther bolted across the roadway and the biker swerved to miss it, then lost control. Bike probably did not touch cat. Yes, I speak from experience…



  1. For your info,” From experience” The cat did touch the bike the hair in the bike and eyewitness is proof. You should know the facts before committing .How about caring about someone and his family that has went through such a horrible thing like this..What happened to compassion?

    • Thanks for adding to the conversation Debbie. If there is panther hair in the bike, and an eyewitness, can you please tell me what happened to the panther? Did it die on the spot? Did it limp off into the wilderness? Would like to read the eyewitness account… Thanks again.

      • I was the fourth rider in a group of 5 headed west on Tamiami Trail to Everglades City for breakfast. The last thing I remember is passing Shark Valley and don’t rember being in the hospital. My friend on the 5th bike saw the panther in his perphial vision run straight towards the road, jump off the guardrail and collide with my Ducati 1098s. According to him the panther went spinning and the bike slammed down and slid. I was airborn and landed on my head and shoulder. I was wearing armored leather jacket, boots and gloves and an Arai Corsair helmet. I got a brain bleed and broken shoulder, ribs and severely separated clavicle. The gear saved my life. After my son brought the bike back to Davie, Moto Corse Performance checked damage which included all the body panels and tank as well as bent forks steering stem and frame with the radiator and oil cooler full of panther hair. Sadly, I don’t think the panther could have survived an impact that severe.

      • The panther did get away . I am not sure if it ran off,but I believe it did, From the damage to the bike,I’m sure it was hurt badly.The forks on the bike were bent..Can’t imagine he survived. Haven’t
        heard if he was found. Everyone on scene were concerned about my husband. He is blessed to be alive. He was wearing a Arai helmet which saved his life.If I could send a message to bikers .please check your gear and buy the best you can buy.your life is worth it. Full face helmet Arai. If it had been half helment ,his chin wouldn’t be here. Back to the panther. It is very sad this happened,he feels so bad that it did. There are some things that you can’t avoid in life.We both love animals and are sick that there isn’t more to protect them on that highway were this happened..

  2. Agreed. If Ken was not wearing jacket, gloves and helmet, the situation would have been much worse. With bent forks and an oil cooler full of hair, I’d have to agree, the physical strike caused Ken to go down, and probably mortally wounded the panther. I’ve taught two daughters to drive and always made certain they understood that if it comes to you or an animal, save yourself. In this case, it sounds like Ken did not even see the panther and have a chance to make a choice.

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