Posted by: stiltsville | December 8, 2011

FSU begins to think big about Gulf & Caribbean

Florida State University is launching an ambitious research initiative focused on the rising tide of ecological, economic and cultural problems facing the waters surrounding Florida. Reducing the lack of relevant, strategic research is the mission of Florida State’s new Inter-American Seas Research Consortium (ISRC). The mission is critical because intensifying usage of the waters in the economically and geopolitically vital region –– formed by the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea and southeast U.S. Continental Shelf –– is both enabling and threatening coastal development, fisheries, hydrocarbon extraction, transportation opportunities and tourism.

“When Cuba proposes offshore oil drilling, when Central American countries license Asian trawlers to operate off their Caribbean waters, when oil from the Deepwater Horizon incident spreads to Florida’s shores, and when tourism promoters in Key West publicize the history of its original settlers who, over the course of 50 years, migrated from the Carolinas to the Bahamas to the Florida Keys, we are reminded,” said FSU geography Professor Phil Steinberg, “that Florida’s coastal frontier is not a space that divides.”


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