Posted by: stiltsville | September 6, 2011

Bass ackward on corporate incentives

TALLAHASSEE — Gov. Rick Scott is on a crusade to repeal more than 1,000 state rules that target everything from dwarf tossing to gambling and real estate licenses…

“Every rule costs money. Just the fact that you have to research to find out if you’re in compliance,” Scott told the Herald/Times. “It’s so complicated people have to hire consultants to figure out how to comply.”

That’s the Rick Scott plan, according to the Miami Herald. Unfortunately, like most politicians before him, Rick Scott is going about this backwards…

Gov. Scott is tossing all kinds of incentives and tax breaks and rule changes at corporate America, in the hopes that they’ll create jobs. Rather than actually “running government like a business,” Scott has given in to the basic urge to do something, anything!, to create jobs now. He’s leading with his heart and not his head.

In real business, you get the reward after you produce: employees are paid after they complete a week of work, saleswomen get their commission after they make the sale. I dare you, Gov. Scott, to offer your incentives, tax breaks or rule exemptions to corporations after they create new jobs in Florida. And they can keep their tax breaks, incentives and exemptions only as long as they maintain those jobs in Florida.


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