Posted by: stiltsville | August 25, 2011

Only in Miami… or Juarez, Mexico

.45 cal cartridge

Only in Miami

About 7:30 this morning I hit the intersection of Sunset and 97th Avenue. After I got through the light, I felt, and heard, a subtle “thump thump thump” coming from one of my tires.

Within a few blocks, I found a convenient side street, pulled over and started to take a look at my tires. My guess is, there are very few places in this world where you can get a .45 caliber case stuck in your tire from just driving down a suburban street. Miami, this proves, is one.



  1. […] being a town where you can get a bullet casing embedded in your tire, I doubt there is another city in the USA where the “roach coach” is a purveyor of […]

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