Posted by: stiltsville | August 13, 2011

missing links

Robert Krulwich’s commencement speech at California Institute of Technology creativity, doubt, curiosity and open mindness are valued.

British PM David Cameron is taking a page from Mubarak’s book on crowd control and threatening to shut off social media.

San Francisco’s BART, meanwhile, shut off cell phone service on Thursday to control crowds.

Isn’t Rick Perry the guy who threatened to secede from the union a few years ago?

A series of charts in “A Return to Responsibility,” a report by the Center for American Progress, shows that it is Republican presidents, not Democrats, who have mandated significant cuts in defense spending. Eisenhower cut 27 percent overall, Nixon 29 percent, and President Bush H.W. Bush, who served only one term, 17 percent. Even Ronald Reagan, who lavished money on the Pentagon with the express purpose of bankrupting the Soviets, cut the budget by 10 percent during his second term. The great exception to the rule is George W. Bush, who increased spending by an astonishing 70 percent during his tenure.

From Foreign Policy


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