Posted by: stiltsville | May 26, 2011

Does not compute

Today, Time Magazine published a report on the current state of American science, technology, engineering and math education. As just about everyone knows, America faces a drought of STEM teachers and STEM students.

If America is to stay at the forefront of advancements in medicine, technology, clean energy and increased agricultural production, we must have really smart people working on these challenges tomorrow. And we must have the teachers to inspire and lead them today.

Instead of inspiration and leadership, we’re getting cutbacks and reductions. Gov. Rick Scott cut more than $600 million out of Florida’s budget today, a great deal of it coming from education. The same grim story is unfolding all across the country, from sea to shining sea.

Our US Senator, Marco Rubio, meanwhile, is traveling the country shouting about “American Exceptionalism” into every microphone he sees. If Rubio is serious about American Exceptionalism, he would get back to DC and spend every minute of his every waking hour fighting for more and better educational opportunities. America can not be exceptional if her students are no more than average.


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