Posted by: stiltsville | March 13, 2011

Critical analysis of the scientific theory of evolution

Florida Senator Steve Wise wants to push our kids back into the educational Stone Age. Again. Wise has introduced Senate Bill 1854, another attempt to inject religion into the classroom.

In 2009, Wise introduced a bill to put “intelligent design” into the curriculum. Two years ago, Wise explained that since evolution is only a “theory” that maybe our school children should debate the theory. By comparing it to creationism.

Bad idea, Steve. You are free to believe whatever you want in the privacy between your own ears… But if we are to progress as a society, come up with innovative new ideas, we need to agree that the earth is more than 6,000 years old and cavemen did not ride around on dinosaurs. Our children need to be taught the very best science information now so they can become the thought leaders of the 21st Century.

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