Posted by: stiltsville | March 3, 2011

Eastern Cougar written off

Cougar / Puma / Mountain Lion / Panther (Puma ...

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Here’s the official word from the FWS:

“For decades, many individuals and organizations have hypothesized that highly cryptic, broadly dispersed, widely roaming, breeding populations of pumas occur in eastern North Americas. This review of the status of the eastern puma revealed no convincing evidence that a wild, breeding population of pumas survived within the historic range of the eastern puma. Widespread persecution (poisoning, trapping, hunting, and bounties), decline of forested habitat, and near extirpation of deer populations during the 1800s led to the extirpation of most puma populations by 1900. Although individual pumas were taken as late as 1932 in New Brunswick and 1938 in Maine, there is no convincing scientific data to support Wright’s (1972) hypothesis that a small, cryptic population continued to persist in northern New England and eastern Canada. Thus, we conclude that pumas that occupied eastern North America were extirpated. Although there have been thousands of sightings, most are of mistaken identity. After conducting a similar status review, the Canadian Wildlife Service reached the conclusion “that there is no objective evidence (actual cougar specimens or other unequivocal confirmation) for the continuous presence of cougars since the last century anywhere in eastern Canada or the eastern United States outside of Florida.” The Florida panther recovery plan concludes that no reproducing population of panthers have been found outside of south Florida for at least 30 years despite intensive searches to document them. We conclude that the subspecies Puma concolor couguar or eastern cougar=puma, as originally listed in 1978 under the U.S. ESP is extinct.”


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