Posted by: stiltsville | October 21, 2010

License Plate Scanner in the Wild

Well that was odd… Southwest Miami-Dade county is littered with office complexes full of real estate agents, dentists and orthodontists. So I was in one of these little office centers, talking to a customer after we had just carried some crap out to his car.
We’re just standing there, shooting the breeze when a black Nissan Maxima pulls into the parking lot. So I’m watching this car out of the corner of my eye as it slowly cruises down the aisles of the parking lot. I’m watching as it slowly cruises every aisle, past plenty of empty spaces.
I watch as it pulls into a spot at the very far end of the lot and I notice some strange bulges on the trunk lid. The car then backs out of the space, turns around and comes down the aisle we are standing in. As it passes us, I realize this car has two cameras mounted on the trunk aimed left and right.
This thing is six or seven spaces past us before I realize that my license plate, along with all those in the parking lot, has been photographed and scanned into some database. Somewhere. The car was no more than two or three years old, had no markings and dark tinted windows.

UPDATE: I got scanned again. I saw the same vehicle in the CVS parking lot on Kendall and US-1 as I was walking to my car…


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