Posted by: stiltsville | October 12, 2010

Collier County close encounter

13-month old Florida panthers

13-month-old Florida Panthers

On Oct. 4, a Golden Gate Estates resident reported to the FWC that he heard growling coming from an adjacent property in the early morning hours. The resident looked in the direction of the growling and saw a panther on the other side of the fence. The resident backed away, and the panther remained at the fence. At this point, it is assumed the resident went inside his home and changed his pants…

Upon investigation, FWC panther biologist Mark Lotz confirmed that a panther family had killed some of the resident’s livestock over the weekend, and the panther the resident saw was standing at the site where recent prey was consumed. FWC biologists believe the growling is natural behavior for a panther defending its kill or kittens, and not a public-safety concern.

After concluding the panthers had returned for additional prey, the FWC set up cameras around the property and continued to monitor the situation. One camera captured images of an adult female and two 13-month-old kittens near the property. In the meantime, the resident made modifications to the existing fencing around his livestock to deter panthers.


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