Posted by: stiltsville | October 10, 2010

Baby killer whale is newest addition to Sea World

Dave "surfing" on top of Katina, the...

Image via Wikipedia

According to the Orlando Sentinel

SeaWorld’s newest addition — a 7-foot-long, 350-pound baby killer whale — is in good physical shape and showing signs of strength hours after its birth.

Katina, a 34-year-old female, gave birth to her seventh calf last night at 7:28 p.m..

SeaWorld’s Nick Gollattscheck said the birth went smoothly and the mother passed the placenta this morning — a good sign according to park vets. The baby is nursing regularly for about 10-18 seconds each time.

The great-grandmother went into labor at 6:47 p.m. and delivered the calf 45 minutes later. It swam to the surface moments later for its first breath, the park said.


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