Posted by: stiltsville | April 6, 2010

Everglades vultures develop a taste for rubber

black vulture


According to this Miami Herald report, vultures from Anhinga Trail to Flamingo, are stripping rubber and vinyl trim from cars and boats in the parking lots. The ever-resourceful fishing guides have responded by draping tarps over their boats and vehicles. Park employees and rangers are leaving plastic bags under windshield wipers and in doors. The wind-driven flapping keeps vultures at bay.

This is not all new news… Two years ago, homeowners in Bartow, Florida were under attack by marauding vultures attacking cars, and even ripping shingles off homes. They were back in the same neighborhood last spring too. My contact in Polk County says there have been no reports of damage this year. So, the vultures now tearing apart cars in ENP may be the same birds who were tearing up cars in Bartow the past two years. Maybe this flock learned the behavior, and they are simply overwintering in a new place.



  1. During the past few weeks I have been working in the Everglades and the most interesting item I found was hanging dead voltures from poles in the parking lot at Ahinga Trail. This was done as a way to pursuede the voltures from hanging aroung that location. I was told these were not killed intentionally but rather they were found dead in the park. I imagine these were the one who felt they were more advanced voltures and they felt they had the ability to strip the rubber from moving cars. Lets just say it looks like the rolling rubber won this one. Rubber 1 Voltures 0

    Brian Trainor

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