Posted by: stiltsville | April 3, 2010

Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones

Charlie Crist and Alex Sink agree on one thing: the feds need to investigate the Florida GOP. Crist thinks the waste, mismanagement and corruption in the FlaGOP “stinks” and may have “significant IRS implications.”

  • FlaGOP leader Jim Greer resigned a few months ago when party members began to question his spending of party funds.
  • FlaGOP auditors reveal that Greer was actually skimming off donations to the party. Greer and the party Executive Director formed a “consulting” company and gave themselves a $5,000 per month contract.
  • Marco Rubio’s spending came under scrutiny.
  • FlaGOP officials offered Greer a secret $120,000 consulting contract if he would just shut up and disappear. Greer apparently accepted.
  • Greer sues the party… now all the dirty laundry will be aired in court.
  • According to the St. Pete Times/Miami Herald, Dean Cannon, incoming Speaker of the House, put $200,000 on a party credit card over two years, including $3,000 in personal charges that he did not reimburse until Rubio’s issues hit the news.

The GOP has railed against “waste, fraud and abuse” loudly and often. Until they can clean up their own house, I think they need to maybe find another issue.


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