Posted by: stiltsville | January 30, 2010

Florida cold takes toll

Florida wildlife can endure a cold night. Florida exotics can endure a cold night. But when that cold lasts for two weeks, the exotics and many of the cold-sensitive natives perish.

Across south Florida, the first two weeks of the year were very cold. 77 manatees died. Millions of fish died. The FWC rescued 3,000 cold-stunned sea turtles. Nobody knows for certain, but it’s likely that all the small pythons are history… heat loss is a function of surface area/volume. The smaller organism loses heat and dies first, bigger animals can endure longer.

Miami Herald fish kill story. Exotic chiclids and armored catfish were pretty much wiped out. Peacock bass survived in the deep lakes and rockpits where the Biscayne Aquifer moderates the water temperature.


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