Posted by: stiltsville | January 6, 2010

Something stinks here

WPLG Ch 10 is reporting a shark attack on one Dreyser Chirino today. The story makes no sense to me:

  1. As far as I recall, 20 miles East of Elliott Key, the water is a lot deeper than 30 feet. Hundreds of feet deeper.
  2. People don’t normally hunt barracuda. They are basically inedible, loaded with cigutera.
  3. It takes a far longer than 25 minutes to run twenty-some miles in most boats.
  4. In the comments, the step son claims “They risk their lives everyday in the ocean to then later that night bring money home.” That implies they are selling barracuda.

Does anyone actually buy barracuda steaks or fillets? What do you make of this?


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