Posted by: stiltsville | December 4, 2009

Florida in violation of water quality standards

From Wikipedia: Phosphorus is a component of DNA, RNA, ATP, and also the phospholipids which form all cell membranes. It is thus an essential element for all living cells. The most important commercial use of phosphorus-based chemicals is the production of fertilizer

So, P is required for life. Too much P is overfertilizing and contributes to plants growing out of control. This upsets the natural balance of water/foliage/fauna in the Everglades. Too much P can change the environment faster than the flora/fauna can respond. Bad, but not bad like a ton of DDT spread on the ground which causes instant death and is probably permanently unrecoverable.

You could consider coffee with cream to be polluted, and you’d be right. But coffee and cream is far different than coffee with a dose of cyanide. That said, it seems to me that the Tamiami Trail bridge project will move water with high levels of P out of the testing areas faster… which may just move the problem downstream and into Florida Bay. If you squeeze a jelly donut, the jelly has to come out somewhere. I wonder if SFWMD is testing water quality in Florida Bay too? Do you remember the algae blooms in Florida Bay?

Read the courtroom drama in the Miami Herald.

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