Posted by: stiltsville | November 16, 2009

Fear: it’s genetic

Melissa Hardcastle was surfing off Jupiter over the weekend when a shark grabbed her foot. She needed 26 stitches. She is on crutches and will heal, but she doesn’t plan to go surfing again any time soon. Read this story and you can feel her fear.

Over the weekend, I was puling weeds when I felt something IN MY SHORTS! I yelped, dropped the snippers and dropped my shorts. It was just a little ringneck snake, but it scared the beejezus out of me.

My daughter was recounting how, in her psyche class, the teacher discussed how fear of certain things is in our DNA. You don’t need to learn to be scared of sharks and snakes like you need to learn the alphabet. When our ancestors came down out of the trees, they brought a well-learned fear of snakes with them. And even today, we are walking around with that fear built-in.


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