This guy has nerves of steel and very good camo.

Posted by: stiltsville | December 7, 2013

Florida Supreme Court needs to take head out of sand

The Florida Supreme Court is hearing arguments over whether Florida voters should have the opportunity to vote on medical marijuana. Supreme Court Chief Justice Ricky Polston posed this question :

“If a student is stressed over exams, and they go in and see a doctor, and they say ‘I’m really stressed out,’ and the doctor says ‘I’ve got something I can help you with,’ and prescribes marijuana, wouldn’t that be included in this?”

I would like to remind the court that no Florida high school or college student needs or wants to see a doctor if they want pot…

Posted by: stiltsville | November 14, 2013

Your Bitcoin papers please?

The bitcoin logo

The bitcoin logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bitcoin is pseudo-anonymous, pseudo-private crypto currency. Each Bitcoin transaction is listed in a public ledger, but the parties to the transaction are not personably identified. Coin Validation wants to change that. According to this Forbes article, the Coin Validation idea came about during “a conversation about how to make Bitcoin more legitimate in the eyes of banks and the government.”

I say, this entire premise is wrong. Bitcoin users do not need to sacrifice their privacy in order to become “more legitimate” in the eyes of anyone outside the transaction. Bitcoin should not be neutered in order to make it fit into the existing Wall Street/Washington DC field of view.

Change is difficult. but Wall Street and Washington need to adapt to Bitcoin, not the other way around.

Posted by: stiltsville | July 18, 2013

Jackson Browne does Freebird acoustic

Posted by: stiltsville | June 22, 2013

She walks a mile in his gun belt

Deutsch: Glock 19

Deutsch: Glock 19 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ms. Magazine writer, with no firearms experience or training, buys a Glock and starts carrying it. She is documenting her Month with a Gun on the Ms. Blog. The comments on the Week One report are very interesting… Those same staunch 2nd Amendment absolutists–who see a gun confiscation regime behind any regulation–are shocked and horrified she did not get training before buying a firearm…

The Second Amendment doesn’t say anything about training or experience. And that’s the problem. Gun rights activists seem to believe anyone who would buy a gun is as knowledgable, responsible, sane, level-headed and safe as they are. In the real world, that’s not the case. So if you believe training should be required, we’re going to need some regulation. If you think crazy, irresponsible or even blind people should not have a blanket right to firearms, we’re going to need some regulation.

Posted by: stiltsville | June 11, 2013

Down on the street

ImageRestored 1974 MZ 250. The owner says it’s his daily driver.


Posted by: stiltsville | May 8, 2013

Kid teaches teacher a lesson

Posted by: stiltsville | May 7, 2013

Fiddlin Freebird

Posted by: stiltsville | May 6, 2013

3D printed gun: it’s the idea that counts

Anybody with half a brain will steer clear of 3D printed plastic guns.

  • For the price of the 3D printer you could probably purchase half-a-dozen AR15s.
  • The first death by 3D gun will be a shooter, who has a gun blow up in his hand.
  • You can’t print plastic bullets.
  • Metal bullets will still set off a metal detector.
  • The 3D printed gun is not accurate.
  • The 3D printed gun fires one shot at a time, leaving bystanders just enough time to tackle you while you try to reload and carry out your assassination attempt.

The 3D printed gun is no better than a $5 zip gun made of plumbing supplies from Home Depot. But that’s not the point. The point of the 3D printed gun is to show that, when anyone can print just about anything in the privacy of their own home, restrictions and regulations are just about useless. Old solutions will not work in a new world.

Posted by: stiltsville | April 28, 2013

Goin Back To Miami!

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